Blackhawk is a New Zealand based business enhancing business performance of IOT and Automotive assets. Blackhawk assists companies in the Finance vertical by helping lenders in reducing their credit risk and improving their financial performance with a better ROI at the lower credit risk end of the market. Blackhawk leads the market with services for the 2nd and 3rd tier automotive finance industry with its product called 'Collect'.

Blackhawk's Collect product has been assisting lenders to manage their risk and improve cashflows since 2009. Collect provides the ability to streamline the collection process through automated alert notifications, can remotely disable vehicles, change payment behaviours, and enforce payments whilst maintaining visibility of the secured asset 24/7.

Working with Blackhawk gives the Lender added comfort on the financial and credit risks associated with lower tier lending, and the ability to offer finance to customers that historically were deemed to have been higher risk. Blackhawk also offers other specialised solutions that help with IOT, Heavy Construction and Earthmoving equipment, Powered and Non Powered assets, and Fleet and Service Management.


Centrix is a Credit Bureau with a difference. Created to introduce much needed competition into the NZ credit reporting industry, Centrix has brought together some of the most experienced personnel in the sector, a vast network of credit risk data sources and a new bureau technology platform. We have invested in a five-year build to fulfill our promise to our clients of a more nimble and customer focused credit bureau delivering better value.

We welcome the opportunity to show you our data source network, product set and the value we can offer. We now hold credit data on over 3.6 m consumers.

The support of the finance industry has been critical in the setup of a NZ owned and operated credit bureau. The benefit of that support can now be delivered back to the finance sector. We hope you’ll join us.



Cito has identified some of the common problems, frustrations and perceptions associated with Debt Litigation and has developed a business productivity tool to address these and make the Debt Litigation process easy to manage in-house.

The product enables businesses to keep control of their debt Litigation matters and drastically reduces costs while still having access to all the different processes available at each stage.
This is achieved through an integrated work flow system and template documents.
The step by step workflow guides users through the process. This means that specialist operator skills and knowledge are not required.
One-off data capturing and automation increase efficiently and quality assurance while the reduction in cost allows more matters to be taken on.


  • Data transfer capabilities with finPower connect.
  • Self-populating documents.
  • Automates and simplifies your existing in-house processes relating to Debt Litigation.
  • Eliminates the need to outsource your Debt Litigation.
  • Enables you to use all available District Court and High Court procedures for Debt Litigation in New Zealand.
  • Easy access and retrieval of all file information and documents

Intersoft Systems are the developers of finPOWER Connect - the market leading loan management software system. Intersoft Systems have over 400 clients that use their software to manage all manner of lending business. Their clients range from the smallest to the very large NZX and ASX listed Finance companies as well as Banks and leasing businesses. Intersoft has been in business since 1981 and employees 18 staff at its Napier office with another 9 in their Brisbane Office.

finPOWER Connect is a full Loan Life Cycle management platform. It effectively and efficiently manages all processes required to originate, manage and collect a loan. It interfaces to most major information providers meaning the finPOWER Connect system is the central source of information for all the Lending businesses operations – its sole source of truth. This single source of truth can be accessed from a number of platforms including a desktop User Interface, Cloud Portal and Client Facing Portal.

Request your Free Demo today and find out for yourself why finPOWER Connect is so popular.


Full Circle Business Solutions is a leading provider of financial management, accounting and associated business applications.

With offices in Wellington, Auckland and Melbourne we offer support for a variety of clients, both large and small, in NZ, Australia and throughout the South Pacific. Our experienced staff are able to assist from identifying your requirements, application selection and configuration through to providing post implementation support and training.

For more information go to www.fullcircle.co.nz


Good Shepherd New Zealand is a not for profit organisation who's objective is to support better futures for disadvantaged women and girls. Through our work we continue the mission of the Good Shepherd Sisters and envision a world that is just, equal and upholds human rights for all.

We work with other community organisations to support innovative programmes that assist people to achieve fullness of life.

Good Shepherd New Zealand is leading the development of domestic microfinance in New Zealand as a way to break cycles of social and economic disadvantage. Giving people access to fair, safe and affordable credit not only helps them increase their financial capability, but can also lead to better social and health outcomes.

Our Community Finance initiative is a partnership with the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) to deliver no or low interest loans to people living on limited incomes. It is delivered through community-based service providers such as The Salvation Army, Aviva and Vaka Tautua, and is supported with operational funding provided by the New Zealand Government. It is based on the successful model set up by Good Shepherd Microfinance in Australia.

Our NILS and StepUP loans are currently available at 19 locations around New Zealand. At the end of August 2018 our Loan Workers had interviewed, and had detailed financial conversations with, more than 4,500 potential clients and had issued more than 1,130 loans totalling over $3 million. These loans have saved our clients around $1.6 million in fees and interest compared with borrowing from third tier lenders.


HHA Associates Limited was established in New Zealand in 1992 to specialize in the supply and support of lending & investment software, accounting and payroll software systems. HHA’s product range now includes transport management systems built and designed in house, human resources, health & safety, time and attendance software systems.

HHA provides simple smart office systems that are intuitive, cost effective and robust. HHA also develops bespoke customisations for its clients and provides full support for all its products.


MotorWeb, owned by Trade Me, is an award-winning information provider, delivering online services to the finance and insurance industries.

Intersoft Systems and MotorWeb have partnered up to integrate a range of vehicle information reports and risk management products within finPOWER Connect, putting all the resources you need in one place.

Within finPOWER Connect you can easily activate these important MotorWeb Reports:

  • 1. Rego Check
  • 2. Driver Check
  • 2. Asset Check
  • 3. Asset Monitor

We've re-calibrated our products to easily fit within your Connect workflow, reviewed how they perform and have added more data.

With our products you can ensure that you are taking every reasonable step to protect your business, your brand and your customers.


The Companies Office administers robust business registers for corporate entities, securities over personal property, capital markets and financial products. As part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), our role is to support a dynamic business environment to achieve a better-performing economy. We do this by focusing on making it as easy as possible for businesses to meet their compliance obligations, while making sure their interactions with us are legitimate, and providing access to the rich and valuable data we hold.

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a searchable, online register of security interests in personal property. It’s important for the New Zealand economy because it helps people and businesses protect their financial interests, reduce investment risk and make more informed financial decisions. Three years in the making, the new and improved PPSR went live on 1 October – without a hitch. The key to the successful delivery has been talking, and listening, to our customers every step of the journey. Join us at Finance Expo to hear more about the new PPSR and its partnership with NZBN.


Proviso is a multi-award-winning provider of automated bank statement data retrieval. Our flagship service, BankStatements, provides a lighting fast, frictionless web-based solution for the retrieval of bank statement data.

BankStatements is a massive time-saver for lenders and brokers who know the frustration of waiting days for customers to manually send their bank statements, customers sending the wrong accounts and wrong statement periods.

With lenders and brokers now required to perform accurate living expense assessments, BankStatements also helps credit providers meet their responsible lending obligations to inquire and verify key income and expense information.

BankStatements is trusted by thousands of lenders and brokers in Australia and New Zealand; and millions of consumers use the service to submit their bank statements and speed up the loan process.

As a trusted partner, we retrieve the data and provide it directly to the credit provider - an additional safeguard against consumer and broker fraud. Income and expense verification is now faster, easier and more robust.

Some key advantages of Proviso technology are:

  • Accelerate acquisition of new clients
  • Reduce application abandonment
  • Incredibly fast data retrieval - only 7 seconds per account
  • Retrieve up to 365 days of data
  • Receive additional loan or credit card data (e.g. credit limit, interest rate, next repayment date etc)
  • Helps lenders and brokers meet their responsible lending obligations
  • Proprietary categorisation and analysis algorithm
  • Flexible, easy to implement technology through hosted white label versions or API

During the Finance Expo we will run live demonstrations showing how we retrieve 3, 6 or 12 months of a customer's bank statements in about 30 seconds.


Secured Signing is a cloud-based eSigning and eForms service that allows financial services and business of all sizes to invite their customers, employees, partners, and suppliers to fill in and sign electronic documents using any device, anywhere, anytime. The system offers a complete customised signing workflow including issuing invitations, automating reminders, showing signing progress in real time, monitoring of signing process, and upon completion, a detailed audit trail.

The trusted, encrypted, user specific X509 PKI digital signature technology that underpins Secured Signing ensures the authenticity of signatories and documents. The signature seals the document in such a way that any alteration invalidates the signature. Compliance with the NZ Electronic Transactions Act 2002 and corresponding international legislation guarantees validity and legal enforceability worldwide.

Financial services that adopt Secured Signing will experience increased efficiency and prompt business process, exceptional customer experience, cost saving, fast turnaround of complete and accurate documents, and a high level of document security with proof of signatory’s identity.

Secured Signing, a New Zealand company established in 2010, has built its business on the extensive knowledge and experience of its team of experts in the development of data security products and technology to serve a wide range of industries in New Zealand, Australia, and worldwide.

For more information please visit: www.securedsigning.co.nz


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